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Our company was founded in 1988 and originally named as Dongguan South Hongming Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd. Under the approval of the State, Guangdong South Hongming Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2001. Located at Wangniudun town Newton Industrial Park of Dongguan City, our company is recognized as a State New and Hi-tech Enterprise, Provincial Technology Innovative Enterprise, Advanced Foreign-invested Technology Enterprise, Patent Experimental Enterprise and Dongguan key-equipment Manufacturing Enterprise. Moreover, it is one of the largest and most competitive ceramic capacitors manufacturers in Mainl...

Company cultures Quality Certifications Enterprise Honors Plant Equipments
30 years professional manufacturing experience, reliable quality assurance system
Chinese CEPREI has passed the GB/T19001-2008 quality system certification
Has passed GBGJB9001B-2009 China military product quality system certification
Products in line with international, the United States EIA standards and international electrical commission IEC standards
Manufacturing Strength of The Company
Sales system has been widely covered in North America, South America, Europe and Asia and other regions, long-term service in the world's top 500 companies, they have regularly to review the factory and help us to enhance the management level, flexible trading
Fully automatic machine operation,from the powder start production,independent research and development,production and sales under integrated professional factory,which have a long history in electronic components industry.
he existing advanced production equipments,testing and analysis equipments are more than 600 sets, the annual comprehensive production capacity are more than 3 billion.
Wide application
SHM products widely apply to all kinds of electronic circuits and units, including various equipment power supplies, communication device, computer, TV systems, audio-visual devices, air-conditioner, electronic kitchenware, lighting and equipment protective circuits etc.
Rich experience in independent research and development
We have our own engineering technology research and development center, equipped with high-end advanced electronic ceramics equipments, environmental testing equipments, physical and chemical analysis equipments and high-quality R & D team
Continue to invest lots of of funds on R & D and production process, commitment to quality of circuit protection solutions, provide efficient technology, product, test support for customers around the world to meet their development needs of new products.
Large product variety, short production lead time, international standard quality.
Perfect after sales service system
30 years of industry production and sales experience, good customer service and quality security, high efficiency work to save time and stop worry
Professional customer service 7*24 online, quick response, intimate service
Global Service Hotline:

Global Service Hotline:


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